About Jeanine Lovett & Dave Hartley Photography

Jeanine Lovett & David Hartley in Antactica

Dave and Jeanine were married in Antarctica. Both love being out in nature and traveling. 

Jeanine Lovett-

***'Commended' in the prestigious International BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 competition***

    Growing up in San Diego I would peer into tide-pools, looking at creatures in their miniature worlds. My Father would take me hiking and camping in places ranging from magnificent deserts to lush forests. He gave me my first camera at the age of 7 and an SLR at the age of 15.

     I studied art and design, but I am a self taught photographer. In 2004 I transitioned from slide film to digital SLR, and after taking my first trip to Africa have never looked back. As a photographer, my goal is to create images that inspire a love of nature through landscapes and wildlife photographs

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 David Hartley-

     I was born in Liverpool, England. After academia, I worked in then Midlands, and the Christchurch, New Zealand. I now make my home in Santa Cruz, California. 

     I work for a cool company in Silicon Vally, specializing in embedded multimedia systems and hardware/software interaction. My passion is photography, specializing in nature and landscape photography. I love being out in nature and traveling; there is so much to see and experience beyond the computer screen.

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